Forged with fire

To fire through fire: metal manufacturing has always depended on the moulding power of the flame to create uniquely precise products.

STEELES is founded on the enthusiasm and expertise of our technical and production team, coordinated by Alessandro Incondi – the head of a successful carpentry plant in Como. Our goal is to build a leading brand for metal furnishings, both for indoor and outdoor settings, to win the end user’s heart. By employing the classic Italian production style, we mix flexibility and careful craftsmanship with the precision of our industrial production.

The fire of creativity:
our flame burns to mould emotions.

Our Designer
and Architect

Steeles is the product of our meeting with Ilaria Marelli, a designer working internationally as an art director, interior designer and product designer. Our meeting led us to defining our brief: the concept of being “around the fire” which in turn translated to a number of products that encourage gathering through essential and timeless design.

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