A light and precious brazier

The Fire brazier is made of polished copper: a semi-precious stone, it resembles traditional fireplace bowls. It highlights the beauty of its grains – from green to bronze – which are created by the fire itself. Its light material showcases its highly manageable shape, which allows for easy cleaning. It is also available in carbon steel, with heat-resistant black varnishing. It can be paired with our ICE bowl to create a thermal dissipation chamber (also through the refractory material that is placed within the gap).
Price 585,00810,00
Shipping to Italy included

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Our Designer and Architect

Ilaria Marelli: architect, designer and lecturer
at Politecnico di Milano and Naba.

Technical specifications: Fire


Ø 60 H 17 cm



Made of carbon steel, laser-drilled and powder-coated for outdoor architectural use Qualicoat class 2, GSB master certification. EDP certified Eco- footprint.

Our Designer
and Architect


Ilaria Marelli: architect, designer and lecturer at Politecnico di Milano and Naba, handles all aspects of design: art direction, strategy consulting, interiors and staging, product design. Her strategic approach to design is based on sharing ideas with companies – which she considers more like partners than just clients – and on emotion, experimentation and sustainability. Ilaria Marelli’s accolades include, among others: “Alumni Polimi Award ” and “Milano Donna” Award for her work in design, as well as her social design considerations.

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